Living Organisms Activity

Our Biology teacher, Male Ravagnan gave my group and I an activity to do on our blogs. The girls I had to work with were: Delfina Miy Uranga and Luz Garcia Fernandez. These were the tasks:

1) Construct a table to compare the characteristic features of animals, plants, fungi, protoctists and prokaryotes: number of cells, differences in the cell structure, nutrition. You can upload the activity as a PDF file on your blog.

2) Create an infographic showing the external features only of the following animals. Make it visual,  so choose any animal which represents the class. For e.g. from the class reptiles, snake.

1 thought on “Living Organisms Activity

  1. mravagnan

    Hi Rochi!
    The 1st assignment about Charact. of living organims and the 3rd one about cell structure are missing .
    Please complete it ASAP.


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