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Our Own “Pied Beauty”

In class today Josefina Catani & I wrote our own modified “Pied Beauty”. Pato’s proposal was to replace the words “dappled things” for others which she listed in her blog post. So that’s what we did. We made our poem about “yummy things”:

Glory be to God for yummy things
For cotton candy of raspberry as a fluffy cloud;
For pancake all in stipple upon maple syrup;
Sweet colorful cupcakes; warm soft blueberry muffins;
Chocolate and cherry coke – chocolate milk, milkshakes and fruity smoothies.
All things colorful, sweet. Fluffy, decorative;
Whatever is chewy, fresh (who knows how?)
With chocolate chips, skittles; m&m’s, kit kats; lolipops, recsees;
He fathers-forth whose deliciousness is past change: Praise Him