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What are the important places in your life?

To kick off this year with Daniela Barra, our Language teacher, we’ve paired up with people whom we share a space or place together. I teamed up with Delfina Miy Uranga and we go to a lot of music events together. Here’s my take on the task:

What are the important places in your life?

Concerts. Concerts are a space I share with Delfi. It’s great because we usually like the same music. Concerts are one of my favorite things ever and to share those moments with a friend is even greater. We laugh and goof around, dance. We usually buy shirts and take millions of videos and pictures at the concerts so we can remember what a great time we’ve spent later on. We’ve already shared about 7 together. My favorite was Lollapalooza Argentina 2015, even though the festival weekend didn’t start out too well… I actually lost one of our tickets and we had to buy another. Thank God they hadn’t sold out! I would’ve had to sneak in or something of the sort. We even have 2 more concerts ahead that we’re stoked for!!


Online Test: The Gothic Novel

Pilar asked us to do an online test for this midterm mark. Here’s what we were supposed to do and my answers:

1)Theoretical background: Publish an infographic including the main characteristics of the Gothic Novel as a genre. Name at least two relevant pieces of work and their writers. Use these tools:

2)Writing Task: Imagine you had to interview one of the  authors of these stories: The Cask of Amontillado, The Monkey’s Paw and The Yellow Wall Paper. Choose one. Find out about him/her and write the interview. What would you ask them? What would they answer? Publish your interview. (10-14 exchanges)

Interviewer: We are here today with Fortunato, protagonist of recent popular news regarding the Cask of Amontillado. Hi! Nice to meet you!

Fortunato: Hello!! Thanks for having me!

Interviewer: So let’s get right to it… Would you tell us about what went down in there?

Fortunato: Yes… It was carnival so no one was at the castle except for myself and Montressor.

Interviewer: And the butlers?

Fortunato: Out as well. Montressor had let them take the day off so they could enjoy with their familes.

Interviewer: Well. How convenient for him!

Fortunato: Yes. He had thought of every little detail.

Interviewer: Tell us. How is it that he fooled you?

Fortunato: It was so natural. But now that I think about the events that led to my entrapment… I don’t know how I could have been so stupid.

Interviewer: Hmm… But you guys were friends, right?

Fortunato: Yes… We were. I guess my gut just chose to trust him like any other friend.

Interviewer: Who knew you would end up like you did?!

Fortunato: Montressor knew!! Haha

Interviewer: Hahaha… So… How’d he do it?

Fortunato: Well we were just having a normal conversation when he took me down to the catacombs.

Interviewer: Underground?

Fortunato: Yes. It smelled of delicious wine and maybe the smell is what left me off my guard.

Interviewer: Yes!! That smell is devilish!!

Fortunato: Indeed. All of a sudden, I don’t know how… I blacked out and woke up in a dark corner.

Interviewer: Ah… You were unconscious!! That’s how.

Fortunato: And I tried getting up but fell back down from the dizziness. I finally regained my strength after about 15 minutes and tried walking out but bumped into the brick wall.

Interviewer: Could you see anything?

Fortunato: Not a thing. But I felt the bricks with my hands and started knocking them down.

Interviewer: How long did it take you to get out?

Fortunato: I think I was down there for three days… I’m lucky I got out alive because by the end of day two I thought I would die down there…

Interviewer: This must’ve been a terrifying experience.

Fortunato: It was… Montressor wanted to make me suffer and die from a slow and painful death.

Interviewer: That’s good that he failed!! This is really some story!! Thanks for coming Fortunato. Hope to see you again soon.

Fortunato: Thanks again for having me. Bye!!

FACE: Group 3

We finished reading Face by Benjamin Zephaniah. Our teacher prepared an activity for us to do. She separated the class into 5 groups, I was group #3 with Agostina Alday, Josefina Catani and Agustin Segura. We were to prepare a presentation on the Gang of Three and we chose to add in Natalie. This is the presentation:

Also, our teacher asked us to look for images (or draw them ourselves) on the gang of three:

Mark Thorpe

Mark Thorpe

Martin Turner

Martin Turner