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Letter Writing: Mrs Bixby and The Colonel’s Coat

Pilar, our Writing & Oral teacher gave us an activity to write about Mrs Bixby and The Colonel’s Coat. This is my letter from Miss Pulteney to her friend telling her about the fur coat Mr Bixby gave her.

Dear Emily,
I haven’t talked to you in so long! We need to meet sometime to catch up.
I met this man, actually I have known him for quite a while but I haven’t known him this well since we started dating. He’s my boss, I’m his assistant. He’s a married man so we’ve been hiding it for a while.
That was until today. I think his wife is no fool. He went to a pond shop and got a mink fur coat. It is beautiful and he decided to give it to me but first, he cut off a small piece and made a neckpiece to give to his wife.
I feel so wealthy and elegant wearing it now. Everyone will treat me with respect.
See you soon,